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Formed in April 2005, Frontline Data has emerged as a leading new generation provider of online property and facilities management software.

Organisations now collect significant amounts of data and require a method to store, analyse and interpret that data. Additionally, the internet provides the platform to make information available to anyone, ensuring it is given to the right person, in the right format, at the right time.

Our web based management systems and mobile data collection systems use the latest technology to ensure our customers can manage their portfolio.


Our core values ensure we stand out from the crowd. Our systems are delivered in a way to guarantee our customers have flexibility and control.

We are aware that many people are fed up with being locked into high cost, long term software contracts that are full of hidden surprises and add-ons. We aim to deliver something different. Our customers pay no purchase costs and do not need to sign up for longer than a year. However, we will guarantee our prices for up to 5 years. You will also find that where other providers charge you for extras, we include them as part of the service.

Many people use the term "user friendly" but our aim is to make our systems "self explanatory". Using standard, non complicated, terminology and consistent & clear system navigation, our products are designed to be used by technical and non technical users alike.

Another term we like to use when describing our systems is "flexible". Our aim is create fully flexible data structures, where you control the content and the layout of the system. We also offer unlimited data storage capacity and allow you to create an unlimited number of user accounts. Our reporting tools are designed to give you the answers to the questions you want rather than restricting you to a standard set of pre defined reports.